This is a mini fm transmitter circuit. I think this is the simplest one. Simple, easy and of course inexpensive The supply voltage is between 1.1 – 3 Volts with power consumption is 1.8 mA at 1.5 Volts. This circuit should be. Use 2n3904 transistor in place of TR1 and remove r1 and place + terminal of mic to the base of TR1 and also use 100 pf variable capacitor to get clear sound. And also you can use bly81 or blx65 in place of TR2. Nice work like,how many feet of antenna can be use to give up to 2km range. FM detector circuits. • Describe the features of noise-suppressing circuits in an FM receiver. • Draw a block diagram of a frequency-synthesized FM receiver. • Trace the signal flow through FM stereo and SCA decoder circuits. • Describe the alignment procedures unique to FM receivers. • Apply basic troubleshooting methods to FM receivers.

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